One month in!

  1. We moved into an awesome apartment.
  2. We're making friends.
  3. We're going to language school 5 days a week.
  4. We're being taught more about relying on God.

1: We moved into an awesome apartment.
Ralph and Joan Justiniano (missionaries with in Encompass in Tokyo) found us a really great apartment. It's the perfect location. Near the main train line, only a few minutes from school, and very quiet. They were also kind enough to spend the first few days with us, setting things up here in Osaka (cell phones, bank accounts, major appliances etc). They were invaluable and we are still trying to figure out a way to repay their kindness. 

2: We're making friends!
Because we're the only Encompass missionaries in Osaka, we were a little worried that finding friends would be difficult. But we've already made some great connections with other believers here. We are attending two services each weekend. A Japanese church called B1 on Saturday night and an American church plant called Mustard Seed on Sunday morning. We've received warm welcomes from both groups and everyone has been excited to hang out and help out (we need a lot of help!). Also, Jen has connected with Mai, a new believer who was saved during her time in the US with the Long Beach ministry.

3: We're going to language school 5 days a week. 
This is our life now :) Once you add in homework and self guided study, It's about an 11hr a day commitment. It's been 100% in Japanese since day 1 and it's fast paced. We are completely mentally (and most days, physically) exhausted. After a little more than a week, we can already tell that we're going to learn a lot as long as we can stay on top of it. It's fun in a masochistic way.

4: We're being taught more about relying on God. 
Since we are drained at the end of every day, it's tempting to default to escaping instead of resting. Any time we've tried that, it just doesn't work. And we are thankful for that. God is giving us an opportunity to really understand that true comfort and true rest come from Him. We are thankful that we've been forced into a position that requires resting in Him to avoid burn out. 

Here's a couple things you can be praying about with us:

  • That we would rest well. That we would run to God for comfort and rejuvenation.
  • That we'd be able to make friends in class and that we would be a light in our school.
  • That we would build some deep relationships among our new contacts. 

And thank you everyone for your prayers during our transition to Japan. It's made a huge difference!