Cornerstone Simi Missionary Assessment


We had the pleasure of attending the Cornerstone Missionary Assessment recently. In their words "The goal of the assessment is to evaluate your emotional, spiritual, and marital health." While this sounds like spending three days under a microscope, it wasn't at all. We really didn't know what to expect going into it, but we are very glad that we attended. In preparation, we took a couple strength/personality tests and filled out a 20-something page questionnaire which asked us to explain our theological position on a variety of topics. This took a while. But admittedly, I probably spent too long researching and answering each question. Each question turned into a mini, hour long Bible study. It was a lot of work, but it was actually a lot of fun. I look forward to the day I can devote less time to graphic design and more time to formal study of the Bible.

The actual assessment was an extremely encouraging experience. They took great care to get to know each couple being assessed. They spoke into our lives, our ministry plans and into our marriage. It was a great opportunity to have mature brothers and sisters in Christ (some who had been missionaries) give us their valuable input and to help us determine next steps.

As a bonus we met some amazing people and made some great friends; a couple who will also be serving with Encompass (in Argentina) and a couple who just came off the missions field. It was worth the trip just for that.

If you are curious of the outcome of the assessment, Cornerstone fully affirmed our calling into full-time vocational missions work.