Leaving for Japan!


The day we've been working toward for years is finally here! It's surreal to even write that last sentence. Matt and I have had Japan on our heart for 7 years and felt like the Lord was calling us to live there and show the love of Christ to the Japanese. The start of our new lives in Japan begins tomorrow!!

It's obvious to us that the Lord has made this happen. When we first began the process, we had no idea how the Lord would help us raise nearly $137,000 per year. At times it felt like an insurmountable mountain of a task, but He always goes before us. God's hand has been so evident in this whole process and we know that since He's brought us to this point, He will sustain us!

We are also so humbled and encouraged by the many friends, family, and supporters we've gained in the last few years. Your faithfulness and love for the Gospel are allowing us to move forward tomorrow. "Thank you" doesn't even begin to express our gratitude. This isn't just our ministry to the Japanese; it's the Lord moving in His people to spread His Word, love, and relationship to those that haven't experienced Him. I want each of you to know how significant you are and what a vital role you play in His Kingdom. We are so so thankful! 

Our phones will be disconnected as of tomorrow, so email, Skype, and Facebook will be the best options for the near future.  Life will be hectic for the next few weeks, so please be patient as we respond to any communication. Again, we are just so thankful and excited. Tomorrow begins a brand new part of our story and the story of the people the Lord has called!

- Jen