Support Raising Bootcamp


We just got back from “Support Raising Bootcamp” which is a two day seminar on raising financial support for missions. For Jen and I it marked another milestone on our journey to Japan. Doing full time ministry in a place like Tokyo requires a lot of support. And since neither of us have ever been missionaries, we had no idea how to go about the process. Not having a grasp on best practices made it seem all the more daunting.

Our presenter at the seminar did a great job helping us plan out our strategy and next steps. Having these things put down on paper made it actually seem doable. There was quite a bit of prerequisite Bible study homework that helped us understand what the Bible has to say about missions and missions funding. But for me, I think the biggest takeaway was a new perspective of the value of support raising in general. Being so anxious to get to Japan, it’s easy to see this step in the process as a logistical hurdle that needs to be jumped instead of an opportunity for God to bless you and teach you. We hadn’t really considered how great it will be to watch God teach us faith and display His provision. We hadn’t realized the awesome platform that support raising gives us to share the need in Japan and to encourage people to participate in The Great Commission.

Raising support for missions in Japan seemed impossible to me, but that’s a perfect opportunity to depend on God instead of my own power. We are confident in our calling and we can’t wait to see who’s hearts God has been preparing to join us as teammates in taking the Gospel to Japan.